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Kindness Starts at Home–Yours!

Lately I’ve been on this kick of watching HGTV…several of the shows fascinate me even though I don’t have any plans to redecorate or sell my home or do any of that kind of stuff. Not quite sure what it is about and I figure it is a pretty harmless hobby (until I quit taking care of other stuff!).

As I was listening to their promos, their phrase “Start at Home” really struck a chord in me.

Now the home you’re thinking of right now may be a physical place, like the ones HGTV hosts are talking about. It may be where you live, where you hang out with friends or family, get chores done, work on homework, or mow the yard, where you visit, or where you run from.

The home I’m thinking of at this moment is none of those. It is the home you carry with you wherever you roam, whatever you become, whatever you choose, whomever you meet, whatever you do.

It is your heart.

The center of your very humanness and beingness. The place where love resides, joy flourishes, and amazingness happens. And the physical place which some scientists call the “second brain”.

So I see “start at home” in a new light. What if we “start at home” by clearing away the debris and rubble in our own hearts? Gentling our own hearts, being love and kindness in our own hearts?

Not someone else’s…our own. Because truly, we can’t do anything about what someone else feels or thinks or does. We can only “do” this for ourselves!

Love you! Accept you! Be gentle with you! Be kind to you!

And when you start there, your light spreads out from you as if powered by the biggest generator in the world.

Yes, kindness really does start at home! Wow, who knew a cable channel slogan could carry so much information.

Love and light, hugs and blessings

“Home is where the heart is.”
Pliny the Elder

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