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Young Man Gives Great Customer Service at Best Buy

Yesterday I stopped by my local Best Buy to return a Bluetooth headset that didn’t seem to help the cracklies I heard on my current phone…and ended up buying a new phone! Now, mind you, I’ve been looking at phones from Verizon online and decided it would be a great idea to take a look at the phones “in person”. However, I was going to buy it online since so many were available for a zero to low cost investment.

Enter Ben…an amazing young man with an energy that was totally contagious and engaging. He asked tons of questions to make sure he understood what was important to me. What a nice treat that was! I told him that frankly, I didn’t want to pay 150 bucks for a phone I could get online for free. He did some checking with his manager and was able to negotiate a deal where I got the phone for $40…the manager couldn’t go to 0 AND it was kewl.

He spent all the time I needed…helping me look at headsets, replacement options, and features…I never felt like he wanted to run away and take care of someone else.

I ended up with a new phone, extra memory to play music because he suggested additional storage, my numbers were transferred and I was ready to customize the phone to my needs.

I wish Ben an amazing journey…he wants to go into sports marketing and his big dream is to own a sports bar. I can see it Ben, I can see it. Go for it!!!!!!

Love and light, hugs and blessings
Mama Red