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Wow…What is Kindness?

Funny, I have been kinda quiet lately…and I apologize! I’ve been knee deep in alligators figuring out how to create a motivational speaking and coaching business and have been neglecting my kindness focus.

I got an interesting question and realized I hadn’t thought about it. “What do you consider kindness?”. I started rattling off all sorts of examples, stories, blah, blah, blah (not always the best at brevity). That is when I realized it is actually something simple: it is something that feels good to me and has no strings!

So, what is your definition of kindness? What does kindness look like? Feel like? Sound like? It is such a personal thing and yet it is something we share.

Since it is sometimes hard to remember all the kindnesses that happen during the day, what would you think of a “kindness log” or “kindness journal”? Maybe even something like those tablets that my mom kept by the frig…there was already a list with things like “milk, bread, juice, carrots”, etc. and all you needed to do was put a little checkmark beside what you needed. And, of course, there was a place to write in things that weren’t on the list. Remember those?

What got me thinking of this idea was sitting in the airport for endless hours waiting for delayed flights. I took out a notebook and started writing stuff I was seeing and doing. I realized that writing it helped me remember it…even if I didn’t remember to put it on this site. And I’m guessing many of you are the same way. Yes? No? Maybe?

I was thinking of something similar for kindnesses…done for you or by you. You could keep a log of them and use it to keep yourself focused on the kindnesses. How way kewl would it be to look back through the day and see that you’ve said “thank you to 5 strangers” or “10 strangers smiled at me”?

Whatcha think…would it help us all see the kindnesses all around us?

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  1. I would define kindness as an unsolicited act toward or for me out of concern for my welfare.

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