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There is always something you can do…

Every day people have accidents on roads, and a lot of them are young children who ride a motorbike (moto).

One day I was working in the street when a boy lost control of his moto and fell down and hurt his leg. I saw him and quickly went to help him. I couldn’t do anything because I had left my mobile phone at home and his mobile phone had broken. I was very nervous and I didn’t know what to do. And nobody lived in that place. In the end, I picked the boy up and put him on his moto and I drove it to the hospital.

Then the doctor asked the boy for his father’s phone number and in 10 minutes his family was with him.

He was so pleased with me and a few days later he called me and invited me to come to his home.

Jim Papas
Catherine Zgouras’ English School
Patras, Greece