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The Ripple Effects of Honesty

I had a chance to talk to Steve, the manager of our local Barnes and Noble. I was telling him I would be including a story about his act of kindness on this site. He exclaimed, “Boy, do I have a story for you!”

He told me a customer had been in buying a lot of books the other day and called the store asking for the manager. He took the call and was surprised to hear the woman say “You undercharged me by $172.00 and I’ll be bringing the materials back so you can redo the sale.”

He was stunned, as a lot of us would be.

When he had a chance to talk to the customer in person, she explained that she had a lot of second, third and fourth thoughts about calling…after all, she could find lots of ways to spend the “found” $172!.

However, her innate honesty and kindness was bolstered by the way the manager had treated her earlier in the day. Apparently there was some confusion about what some things should cost. The manager consistently priced the items in favor of the customer…and that was what she remembered when she discovered the error.

His story was so perfect for this site and gave me goosebumps…and reminded me of how our actions have an effect even when we don’t know about it at the time.

So what ripple effect do you want to create today?

Love and light, hugs and blessings

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