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The rhythmofself. Follow it.

I accidentally booked a flight for two days before I was to take off. Northwest Airlines helped me out by finding me a flight the correct day without making me pay more… so awesome! 😀

Joel, Indianapolis, IN USA

Editor’s note: And we say “those airlines” aren’t kind!

2 thoughts on “The rhythmofself. Follow it.

  1. I love this reading this blog and learning of people going out of their way to be kind. But I like this story especially, because it was someone doing a kindness in the course of their everyday job.

    This post made me realize that although I don’t have a story to send in, every day I work with people who deal kindly with other coworkers, even in times of stress and frustration. That is worth applauding.
    So, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Krista

    Thanks so much for the reading…what a blessing you are!

    If you’re recognizing your co-worker’s kindnesses, that “counts” (grin) as a moment, a story, whatever it may be. It needn’t be long or involved. Simply the recognition is what, in my opinion, raises the world’s Kindness Quotient.

    Feel free to jump in or not, as suits you best.

    Are you getting the weekly Kindness Tips? If so, I would love your feedback. If not, would love to have you join in!

    love and light, hugs and blessings
    Jerilynne “MamaRed”

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