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The Power of Two Simple Words

We often forget that kindness doesn’t need to be hard or expensive or time consuming. It can be as simple as two words “Thank You”. The simple act of appreciation, of acknowledging another in our world, can be as healing as any drug, any supplement, or therapy program. Said with sincerity and true appreciation, those simple words pack a powerful punch.

We all need to know we matter because we forget we do. So grab any chance you have to appreciate others…it is healing, it is a way to bring peace, it is powerful. And, most of all, it is simple. No matter the language!

And for those on the receiving end, remember it is a gift to you…and a gift to the giver when you accept it!

Thank you to each of you for reading, for being, for loving, for caring. You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and light, hugs and blessings
Jerilynne “MamaRed”