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The Gift of Endless Fun!

My son’s two-year birthday is swiftly approaching. He is an exceptionally energetic child (I know, what two-year-old isn’t?), and sometimes I imagine myself a popular swing set at the playground. I’ve been climbed, pushed, jumped, slid and pulled on. I’ve been hung from and flipped onto and off of. I’ve been rocked back and forth and spun around until I am dizzy. Quite frankly, I’m having trouble keeping up with the role all by myself.

So, I began my search for an assistant…ok, an actual swing set. Days of searching led me to several conclusions. Swing sets are expensive (even before you add lumber and, well, swings), and they are
a lot of work to prepare for use. I could not believe the price paid for something that I always took for granted while growing up.

I was beginning to think my only relief would be daily trips to the park (which aren’t so bad, but…)

Then, out of the blue, I received a call from a friend. Her husband is a mover by trade. He moves pianos, pool tables, expensive art, and SWINGSETS! She was calling to say that her husband was asked to dispose of a used swing set (it was in excellent condition, but the family wanted a new set for their new home), so he wanted to bring it to us! And, not only did he bring us the set, but he worked for one entire Saturday helping my husband (ok, my husband helped him) put it together!!

We now have a wonderful swing set in our back yard to entertain my little one for years to come! Upon looking for a picture on line to assist in the building, I discovered that this swing set sells retail
for $1500+. Thanks to my friend, it was FREE! And, because Random Acts of Kindness are priceless, we can double our new treasure!

Anonymous, Florida