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Stumped at the petrol pump

A gas (petrol) pump showing the sale
Image courtesy of Andrew Taylor

Travelling home from Brisbane one day, I had my petrol light on. I think I had left my wallet at home or spent all my pay (pretty sure it was the day before pay day) and all I could fathom was a handful of change only making up a few dollars.

I asked the man at the counter whether it would be enough to get me home to Palm Beach. He said ‘probably not’ and tried to explain the shortest route to get there (from Nerang – in peak traffic). Meanwhile, a man had appeared in line behind me, disappeared, and come back again. He gave me another $5 and said, ‘that should be enough to get you home.’

It wasn’t much, but I’ve been forever appreciative and have wished for him plenty of good karma. Thank you kind stranger!

Palm Beach, Qld, Australia