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Rolling off the curb

I’m not the most negative pessimistic person, but sometimes I really get to thinking- well, negatively.

This weekend while driving through a town about to start a parade I saw an elderly man trying to leave a driveway and a teenage girl walking down the sidewalk about to cross him when suddenly she stopped, started waving her arms and pointing at the ground.

I couldn’t figure out what in the world she was doing until the man started backing his car up. I looked down at the ground out my window and he had initially missed the actual driveway and would have rode right off the curb had she not pointed it out.

Nothing spectacular, worst case he would have messed up his alignment, but the fact that this girl would notice and then bother to point out this impending problem was, really kind of… nice.


1 thought on “Rolling off the curb

  1. It’s little things like this that are important. To have a natural reaction to think from someone else’s perspective and what you’d want someone to do if you were in their shoes.

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