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Respect The Elderly

Not enough of us respect our elders. Maybe it’s just the way I was raised, or the fact that I am a parent now, and getting older and trying to instill these values in my own children… but I am very aware of it.

We were at a school function for the kids about a week ago, and there was a disabled woman near the front door. She was leaning on a walker and clearly was intimidated by the thought of navigating the crowds, through a narrow area jammed with kids, so that she could get closer to the stage and see everything.

My 4 year old son and I asked her if she would like a place to sit, and when she gratefully accepted we grabbed a chair, parted the crowd for her, and took her to the front. It’s a little thing, bit in this big world it’s the little things that matter:)

Erik, United States

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  1. Very true. One day we will be old- and good old karma may come into play!

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