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Rain, A Flat Tire, and An Angel

Last year a friend of mine was taken into hospital unexpectedly, and I received an emergency call to go to his house because his 2 cats and 3 dogs were alone.

It was an absolutely horrendous day- I do not recall it ever raining like that, many of the streets were partially flooded but I had no choice but to risk driving the 5 miles to his house.

As I was nearing the house, my car began driving very strangely, not steering as I wanted, but as I could barely see just a few foot in front of me, I decided to worry about it when I got there. By the time I arrived it was quite clear I had a flat tire, which was confirmed when I stepped out off the car – with seconds I was drenched and freezing.

I had no idea what to do- I cannot change a tire and even if I could I doubt I could have managed it under such conditions- as due to driving rain and hurricane force winds I could barely even stand up!

However while I was pondering my plight a young guy of around twenty years old pulled up alongside. He parked his car, jumped out, and offered to change the tire for me. He found the tools and spare tire and with the minimum of fuss, absolutely soaked to the skin he changed the tire.

I had little money on me, but tried to give him the bit I had to at least have himself some food and drink in the nearby café to dry off. He refused.

All this he achieved with a smile on his face.

I think God sent me an angel that day!

Best wishes
Debbie, Spain