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People Still Stop for a Lemonade Stand

As I was outside today with a small group of people at work,
enjoying the hot summer sun, we began to talk about Lemonade, a great
and refreshing summer drink. As we began to talk, I really got a
craving for a great sweet lemonade.

As I neared my house on my way home from work, I could see in the
distance someone holding a sign. As I got closer I could see a child
holding a large, colorful sign advertising “Lemonade 50 cents”. How
wonderful, the universe had brought me lemonade and it was coupled
with the good feeling that would come from giving these hard working
kids my business.

I had passed their street and needed to double back. As I came back
around, I actually had to wait my turn because in front of me was a
Pleasant Nursery truck with trees in the back. I was just so thrilled
to see that someone else was taking the time to frequent the
neighborhood stand. As I drove up, I could hear the kids still talking
aobut the $5.00 they had received from that driver.

If you see a Kool-Aid or Lemonade stand this summer, consider
stopping – it does a heart good.

Springfield, Illinois, USA