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Passing angels

So I am currently studying abroad this semester in Florence, Italy in the field of art history. During the week after midtern we have time to travel where we want. I decided to go to Dublin, Ireland for my midterm break by myself.

On the second day I was wondering through the city when I came upon a homeless man with a worn paper cup in his hands. Its not like this is the first beggar that I’ve seen in Europe. Florence is filled with plenty of gypsy women begging for money, but this guy was different. He couldn’t have been any older than myself (22), and he truly looked down on his luck.

Earlier in the day I had snagged some extra food from the hostel where I’m staying so I could hold myself over for dinner. One of the things i had grabbed was a small apple. I myself have a very limited budget, but i felt that this young man could use this more than i could. I went up to him and offered him the apple. I think that after watching 100’s of people pass by not even glancing at him, he was amazed that i was even talking to him, let alone giving him something. He took the apple and
gave me a big smile… then i just walked away. Once i was a distance away i turned around and saw him just staring at it, smiling ear to ear. Then he devoured that apple quicker than id ever seen anyone eat anything before.

I felt very happy with myself to give this man a small ray of kindness, hoping one day that if id ever be in a similar situation that someone would be my angel…

Pennsylvania USA (by way of Florence, Italty)