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Parent Teaching Kindness

When my son was between the ages of four and eight, as I would tuck him into bed at night, I would ask him to mention one kind thing he had done during the day. He loved this and would proudly report something like: “I held the door open for a man at the gas station who had his hands full,” or “I moved my bike off the jogging trail so the Mom with a baby stroller had more room”, or “I told my kindergarten teacher her new hair cut was pretty”.

I would often witness these kind acts while I was with him and watch as he would give me a smile knowing that we would talk about it at bedtime. This was something we both enjoyed and helped instill the importance of kindness into my young child. He is too big to be tucked into bed now, but we still share reports of kind acts when we are eating dinner or driving to football practice.

Parent kindness!