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Panasonic Gives Good Customer Service

Recently, my Panasonic microwave started acting up and stopped working. It’s 6 years old, so I figured I’d have to go out and buy a new one.

I decided to call Panasonic to see if it’s common for a 6-year-old microwave to just stop working. The customer service rep said that it was not common, and asked if he could have someone get back to me. Someone did, and the company offered to repair it free of charge, if I would take it to a service

I did and the service center (about 25 minutes away by car) repaired it in one day. Everyone was
pleasant, efficient and prompt. So, I would recommend to anyone considering purchasing an appliance to consider a Panasonic first, since they stand behind their product, and are very prompt in
responding and handling issues as well.

Jackie, Chicagoland, United States

3 thoughts on “Panasonic Gives Good Customer Service

  1. customer service should be put first with any kind of business;”

  2. Absolutely agreed! And look forward to the time when this is always true. AND the more I look for good things, the more I find them!

  3. some stores have really bad customer service while others have topnotch custmer service ~,-

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