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Neighbors Bring Kindness

A woman near to where I live who is in her eighties, broke her leg. She lives alone and has no relatives. Several neighbor women on our block have gathered together and gone in and cleaned her home so it sparkles, they take turns spending the night so she is never alone after her daytime nurse leaves. I have cooked and frozen in containers, stew, soups, stuffed cabbages, 2 small meatloaves, made ham salad ans tuna salad for snacks for her. Another lady brought in cookies, and a chocolate cake.

The strange part of this story that I think shows real kindness is the fact that this lady has lived among us for many years with never a word except a wave and occasional hello. She never attended any functions yet still when she was down and needed help everyone rallied around her. Its easy to be kind to those that are all warm and fuzzy, gushing with kindness themselves but when someone isn’t particularily receptive to others, I feel it even more important to show them that real kindness does exist, and without strings.

Having been around this woman now for awhile she has opened up more and told us some parts of her past that almost makes her unsociability understandable. One never knows what someone else has suffered in their past.

I was told just yesterday by her, that she is feeling more and more comfortable with these wonderful neighbors that are so kind and expect nothing but a smile in return.