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My son’s friend’s summer in hospital

My 15 yr old son is very interested in medicine, loves to watch Dr. House and Scrubs and plans to study medicine.

This summer his class mate ended up in hospital, he’s been there for two months now and has to stay a month or more. He got a bad staphylococcal infection, then a heart operation when he was born and something wrong with his heart now, expecting an operation soon and simply, well poor boy. My son spends every free minute in hospital, which is nearby. He even wanted to lend him his laptop and mobile internet access usb-stick so they can talk through skype. The boy’s parents then organized something.

We have at least one more month to go, and my son still is not tired of visiting the hospital after school, bringing over the homework, helping with the same and chatting later.

Usually such enthusiasm weakens after two three weeks.

Lucky friends!


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  1. I love Dr. House and i always watch this TV series after my day job..’*

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