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Mother’s Angel

As a new mom of twins I was struggling to balance my new expanded family. When my boys were only a couple months old I was attempting to get my grocery shopping done. They were screaming blood curdling screams. The only thing that calmed them down was me holding them. I could not hold both at once and push the cart, so we played musical baby. So at least only one was screaming at once. My milk began to let down. I began to sweat. Just at the breaking point, just when the uncontrollable tears were starting to flow-an angel came.

An angel came as a elderly woman who could not have been more than five feet tall. She spoke so soft as she approached me. I heard her voice calm and clear.

“Baby’s cries are music to God’s ears.” She said slowly and surely as she touched my arm. “It shows they have fight.” She looked me in the eye and smiled a Mona Lisa smile.

My heart melted. The tears no longer were painful to me, but music to my ears.

My twin boys are 2 years old now. To this day when things get tough, I hear her voice calm and soft. I hear her voice, and I am a better mom.