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More Than “Just” a Postcard

A couple of weeks ago I during work I received an email request for permission to use copyrighted material. In particular, it was about the permission to use a historic picture. I, far younger than the picture itself, had not the slightest idea were that picture came from, nor who the owner of the copyright is. So, I knew a bunch of research waiting for me in order to reply to the request.

However, atthe same time, my work became busier and busier and I had many other tasks to do too. It happened that the email for permission request soon was on the bottom of my To-do List. Moreover, it was completely “out of sight, out of mind”.

Four weeks later (sorry for the delay!), after I finally found out who the copyright owner is and how to deal with the formalities, I replied by email to the request and sent the information required. To
be honest, I thought that the person who had requested was already angry at me and would blame me for my inablity to reply a request much faster.

Today, only one day later, I got a handwritten postcard with a neat self-made collage on the front page from the person who had sent me the email saying, “…BIG thanks for your support on the permission request!”

I was very surprised to receive the card and was glad I could help that person even after a big delay. “Wow, isn’t that so kind to send a postcard! I thought and pinned the card up on the white board in my office.

Now I have a daily reminder how a simple postcard can delight ones day.

Silke, Munich, Germany