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Living Fully

I am learning to live fully you must give fully of yourself as God created you to be. That is a present we all need in this life is for people to give the gift of themselves and their unique gifts from God and we ALL have at least one and more!!!

I teach Sunday school and I LOVE sending “my” kids postcards and personaliazing each one for each child……it THRILLS me to do this!!

For me an act of kindness are the smiles, wisdom, laughter, and humor of a child that only they can give, and the simple acts of love shown to me by agapelady (who worries about me when she doesn’t see me on her Twitter stream, and Mama_Red (who calls me sweetie and all these lovely names and makes me feel loved just be being HER!)

I also LOVE to find something encouraging to say to someone daily (i.e. at work)….the smile it brings is priceless.

You can NEVER encourage enough!!

Sue, Orlando, FL USA