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Layover in Las Vegas

I was traveling and on a layover in Las Vegas. Sitting close to the Check In desk I overheard the agent asking another couple if they wanted to be “bumped” to another flight. As I was very interested in this I went up and quietly got in line.

As I got to the front of the line a man stood next to me and spoke in Spanish to the agent. She did not speak any Spanish and called for an interpreter which she was told would not be available. I immediately offered my services and explained that my Spanish was very poor and that I would be happy to try and explain.

As I explained to the man in my halting Spanish that he had not responded to being called earlier so his seat was no longer available I watched his demeanor stoop. He had to get on this plane. He had people waiting for him and he didn’t answer when he was paged because he speaks no English. The best thing the agent had to offer was a seat on the plane I was going to be taking. I offered to go with him and she said they would guarantee us seats together so I could help.

As we were leaving the gate for our flight the agent ran up and I was able to tell the man that a seat had opened up and it was his. My Spanish is not good and it was good enough to help in this situation.

Concord, California