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Kindness Ripples Easily

I worked late the other day and decided I needed something to eat before heading home. I started my hour trek from the south side of Chicago and pulled off at an exit with a Boston Market (one of my favorite “fast food” places for some reason).

As I got out of the car I realized I was really, really hungry all of a sudden and hoped there was no one in line before me.

As I walk in the door a very cheerful voice says “welcome to Boston Market…we’re glad you’re here!”. Wow, what a way to be greated. This very energetic young man took the time to stop his clean up duties and great me with a great smile and a kind voice. I respond “thanks” and realize “crud, there is someone in line first”. A very hungry looking man stood there staring at the menu as I was figuring out what I wanted to order.

Then, the man did a very simple thing: he turned and said “you go ahead, I’m still deciding.” He must have heard the grumbling of my stomach!

I ordered my meal, found a seat and began to consume both my food and the great novel I’ve been reading. I was so engrossed in a great part of the novel I didn’t realize the same cheerful young man was standing by my table and had said something I didn’t hear. When I looked up and asked him to repeat what he said, he said “I wanted to see if you were done …I’d be happy to take your tray for you”.

I was so touched by his kindnesss and cheerful attitude…a wonderful change from the indifference that often greets me …so I told him “thanks for greeting each guest so cheerfully and helping them to feel so welcome. It is a nice treat!”

Would I have said it anyway? Possibly…I do consciously practice an “attitude of gratitude” AND I’m absolutely certain the act of kindness I received raised my awareness even higher!