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Above and Beyond–Great Customer Service

Hum, I’m beginning to see a trend…I keep finding, and reporting on, things that happen in the grocery. Wonder if that is because I like to eat?

Today I was at the grocery picking up some flotsam and jetsam…those items that seem to run out quickly in home. There was the mundane (sliced turkey and cheese for sandwiches) and the delicious, my favorite Ben & Jerry’s Pistachio Pistachio was in stock. A rare treat.

I bought more than I went in to get, and for once, had gotten a cart so my arms weren’t screaming their frustration at being loaded down throughout the store with stuff I just *had* to have! I went to one of the “you check it” lanes and proceeded to have about every item cause some problem or another. Just when I was ready to give up, clear the order, and go have a clerk take care of the blasted process, I looked up to see Kim (who had been dutifully clearing the errors over and over again), kindly bagging my order for me.

Her beautiful smile and kind face brought a deep smile to mine and was so grateful for her help–not required, freely given.

What a beautiful world we live in…when we choose to see it. And I’m so glad I chose to today!

Jerilynne, Wauconda, IL USA