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Kindness Falls Flat…Or Does It?

The other day I was running errands and was focused on getting everything done. I opened my trunk and saw a balloon I had intended to give my hubby for a surprise. I really don’t know how I forgot to give it to him and I did. I thought “CRUD” and went on about my task.

When I came out of the store, a little girl about 4 was crying…she had gotten a balloon in the store and when she walked outside, she wasn’t holding tight enough and the balloon was floating off into the air. As she stood there, inconsolable at the loss of her green balloon, I remembered the balloon in my trunk and thought “on my goodness, that is why I forgot to give it to my hubby!” Way kewl!

So I grabbed the balloon and walked over to the girl’s mom and asked if she could have it. Her mom smiled and said “thank you, of course!”. However, the little girl refused…she didn’t want “that one” she wanted the one floating away in the sky.

Her mom was so embarrassed and tried to get her to take it. I told her “no problem” and was getting ready to walk away when the woman’s son said “I’ll take it! I can give it to my cousin who didn’t get a balloon today.” I immediately handed the balloon to the little boy of about 7 and turned to see the mom was again embarrassed. I assured all was perfect…neither child had done anything wrong.

As I walked back to my car, I was once again reminded of the power of listening to the voice inside and following your instincts. Because, after all, the balloon went to exactly the right person…even if I was so ready to beat myself up for being so forgetful!

Love and light, hugs and blessings
Mama Red