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Joyfulness as Kindness

You know, it is funny how many things I consider “kind”…many folks ask me what I mean by kindness and I’m often stumped by how to answer. It is one of those things to me that “just is”…know what I mean? It can be a simple smile, a thank you, the laughter of someone in the next aisle or something like this video with silliness, joy and laughter. It can be repairing something for a neighbor or calling someone who has been on your mind.

Kindness is everywhere…are you looking for it? Paying attention to it?

Yes? Excellent! Share it wherever you go…focus on it and you’ll be amazed by the power and possibilities in your day.

No? No problem. You can start right now…take some baby steps, maybe take 1 minute to see what you can think of.

You can find kindness any time, anywhere, because kindness is found everywhere and can be done any time by anyone…and it doesn’t cost a thing! And, in my opinion, it beats the socks off the “other” stuff I used to pay attention to! Whatcha think? Is it a possibility?

Lots of love and joy


3 thoughts on “Joyfulness as Kindness

  1. Good point that I had never thought of before.

  2. Glad it got you thinking

  3. thanks helpfull.

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