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It’s never too far to give it a try

It was a grey and chilly morning somewhere at a beach near the Mediterranean Sea in Italy. A woman was running along the shore, not only to do her workout, also to find some calmness and fresh air at the seaside. At some distance she saw a couple walking hand in hand, and apparently enjoying the clear morning at the ocean too. When she passed them they greeted each other with a smile. She continued running and a few minutes later, with the couple already out of sight, she stopped. A car key which was lost in the sand had attracted her attention. She looked around her. However, there was nobody else around who could have been a possible car owner. The only people she had met had been that couple a bit earlier. Since it was early inthe year and not many people use to go to the beach at that time, she decided to give it a try anyway. Although where she had seen them was the opposite direction she was going, she ran all the way back, hoping to find thecouple again. After a while she did see them. When she reached them, she asked if it was their key she just had found. Instinctively the man checked first his trouser pocket and immediately realized it was really him who had lost his car key. Very happy and grateful she had found and brought them their key back, he said: “We had an angel with us this morning, thank you so much!”

Silke, Munich, Germany