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I Get the Kindest Customer Service

Although I’m not new to technology (I’ve been a technical writer for over 25 years!), I’m a total rank newbie when it comes to getting internet technology to work and do what I want it to do. As I’ve gone through the process of opening a speaker business and launching A Million Stories of Kindness, I’ve felt like I’m swimming in a sea of new terms, options, capabilities, options and stuff.

I’ve got a bunch of different classes I’ve signed up for and one of them (which, I’ll admit, took me 2 months to get to), was Miguel Alvarez’s Social Marketing course. Once I got started, it took me step by step through how to get started in that particular part of the internet world. During the course, I noticed a link for a web hosting service ( and decided to check it out. I felt like I was reading a science fiction novel about a brave new world I had never heard of. There were tons of options, capabilities, comparisons … all great stuff and I hadn’t a clue what I was reading or how it compared to other providers out there.

I sent an email message to “Support” to ask a couple of questions and, to my amazement, got an email back from Miguel Alvarez himself! He was patient, gracious, generous, kind, and although my questions may have been ill-formed and downright rudimentary, I never felt like he was laughing behind my back. He steadfastly answered my questions…quickly and in language I could understand.

I’m truly grateful for his support and know he has given me a great gift…the gift of caring enough to make sure his prospective customers are well cared for!

Love and light, hugs and blessings