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Help for a woman’s eyes

I saw a woman talking to my neighbor holding a bike while I was walking my cat (yes, on a leash attached to a harness). We talked for a while and I discovered she rides her bike because she has macular degeneration in one eye and can’t drive well. She sounded pretty hopeless…she had just been to her MD who saw only progressive blindness in her future. I told her about my dad who has used an FDA approved energy healing instrument, an accuscope, to massage around his eyes and stopped the progression of this condition for 8 years, much to his eye doctor’s amazement. I got my mom to send a copy of the manual and I have a contact who deals in selling these instruments. I’ll ask him where the nearest chiropractor is with one of these accuscopes. Somehow, we’ll get her to that person for a weekly treatment to help her eyes heal naturally.

Margie Mulligan, USA