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Hearing Your Name Means a Lot

I wrote a post on another site about the importance of human touch and how it is missing from the lives of so many. One of the forum members wrote:

What you say about human touch, Mama, is so right. It really hit home for me after my Dad died and we became Mom’s caregivers. We hugged and cuddled her all the time, but one thing I will never forget is hearing the sadness in her voice when she mentioned that she rarely ever heard her name anymore. We called her Mom, and because she was living in a new city, nobody knew her, so she had gone for months without hearing anyone call her by her first name. After that, my husband always used her first name. But it would never have occurred to me how important it is for people to hear themselves called by name.

Remember, our names are part of our identity and help us to feel recognized and, well, human! Why not take a moment to use someone’s name today…whether it be a family member or the person serving your meal or waiting on you at the store. A simple “Thank you Mary” could be all that person needs to brighten up their day!

Lots of love to all
Jerilynne (aka “MamaRed”)

1 thought on “Hearing Your Name Means a Lot

  1. It really is amazing how using someone’s name makes a difference. You wouldn’t think it would matter that much, but it really does! I work a part-time job where I wear a name badge and when people comment or call me by name it really makes me feel good… they are seeing “me” and not an empty symbol or a robot employee…it’s funny that it makes me feel so good when I’m acknowledged like that, but it does. Since I noticed that I try to reciprocate when I’m dealing with people either on the phone or at a store. I try to at least say, “thanks, Connie, you were so helpful” or something like that. It’s the small things that make up the big difference… making that person the tiniest bit happier they will hopefully pass it on to the next person they interact with and it will grow! It’s so nice to be more than a number today!

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