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Flowers Bring Smiles

As I was standing at the cashier in the grocery store, I noticed the man behind me had a big, beautiful bunch of fresh daisies in his hand, along with more items to be purchased. I teasingly said, “Oh! You shouldn’t have! We don’t even know each other! You’re so sweet! Everyone in the store is touched by your kindness!” The cashier piped in, “Even I am moved by your generosity!” We then went on and on, praising him for picking the best flowers to give, and what a smart move it is to give his woman such perfect flowers.

I finished paying for my purchases and gathered my bags, when suddenly a bunch of daisies was thrust in my face! He had taken some of the daisies and given them to me, with a big smile on his face. I beamed, as I gushed my thank-you’s, and gave the cashier a flower for her lapel, which only made her smile even bigger. I left the store walking on air, grinning from ear to ear, loving human kindness and daisies. I still have the daisies THREE WEEKS later, still inspiring me to be happy and kind to everyone around me. Life is sweet!

~Susan Phariss, Oklahama, USA