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Even in the midst of pain, there is kindness

I don’t condone violence, I don’t condone racism, I don’t condone treating people with disdain or unkindness. And I forget, and I do these things, and I judge and, well, I’m human, like all 6 billion plus folks on this planet.

And Monday was one of those days when my judgment and anger came out, big time. A friend of mine sent me a link to a story that really got me going, really got me pissed off…and that is as kind a way as I can write about how I felt.

What was it that got me so fired up? Had me thinking thoughts I would prefer not to think? It was a story of someone inflicting pain on a group of people (they happened to be Muslims celebrating the end of Ramadan) in Dayton, Ohio. You can see what I was reading about here. I wondered if this was the result of The Obsession DVD. Who knows? And I know it didn’t help matters, whether there was a scientifically provable connection or not.

And I screamed in my soul at the unkindness and prejudice that abounds. And I stormed around my office and home, yelling about unjustice and fear mongering. I stewed and steamed and judged and railed against this type of behavior and anger and hatred. Then I remembered…I am adding to that kind of behavior and negative energy by my own behavior. And the ONLY person’s behavior I can change is mine, as much as I would like, no prefer, to change others (it is so much easier to look outside and means I don’t have to be accountable for my own crap).

So I went back and read the original story several times and read the comments many times (something I don’t usually do by the way…sometimes I’m like the proverbial ostrich with my head in the sand). I read the story in the Dayton paper (and seriously did not feel it was written with any emotion…crud, there comes my voice of judgment again).

I decided I was going to find a kindness in the situation and turn my own nasty attitude around, come hell or high water. And I did, although it took a bit of time and thought, and it is there.

  • The woman who wrote the email to the site owner took action on her thoughts and feelings about the situation…she could have stewed privately instead of taking a stand
  • The woman who wrote the email took the time to be with her friends and provide comfort and caring words…she could have gone home and left her friends without support
  • The site owner published the story…he could have ignored it
  • The mothers in the mosque took care of the terrified children
  • The paramedic who gave oxygen to the child who couldn’t breathe
  • The many people took the time to write about their thoughts and feelings, letting others know that this behavior is not acceptable to them, letting others know this isn’t the way all Americans feel
  • The individual efforts to get this news out to mainstream media, let The Clarion Foundation know they disapprove of the DVD campaign
  • The individuals who added these precious Light Beings to their prayers
  • …and I’m sure there are many more to be found…these are the beginning and I will continue to look for ways to raise, rather than lower, the world’s positive energy.

Will you join me? Will you throw away the DVD if you get it? Will you focus on kindness? Say prayers? Look to your own being and do all you know how to do to raise the Kindness Quotient?

Yes? Thank you. With all my heart, thank you.

Whether there is a connection between the mailing of the DVD to this incident or not is irrelevant, in my is hatefilled and no doubt inflammatory, which does nothing but add that type of hatred to the pool…and methinks that pool is quite large enough already!

Love and light, hugs and blessings
Jerilynne “MamaRed”

4 thoughts on “Even in the midst of pain, there is kindness

  1. I read the same post. My brain exploded in pain and compassion. And I did the same thing as Jerilynne did, I cried and yelled and screamed against “Man’s inhumanity to Man.” I can never understand how anyone could do anything like that. The other question I have is, “Why the hell is this not making big headlines all around the nation?” And the Universe can give no answers to such a question.

    Didn’t anyone ever tell those folks who sprayed that chemical that Jesus, The Master, said, “Whatever ye shall do unto the least of these, ye do also unto me.”?

    And I continue to question:
    Didn’t anyone ever tell them they live in a holographic universe and EVERYTHING they do unto one, they do unto all, even and especially to themselves? Didn’t anyone ever tell them about Karma? That every thing you send out, comes back to you ten-fold? I guess the answer to all these questions is, “No”. Or, perhaps the teaching just didn’t take.

    My first reaction was to curse the perpetrators. Send to them some horrible accident to them and / or their families. Then compassion took over and I realized that person will have to live with what they did for the rest of their lives. It will haunt them. And their families are innocent. These types of “hate crimes” are what turns cute little “Anakin” types into “Darth Vader” types. Whether or not the police have named it so, I can see no other name for this heinous act.

    After I screamed and yelled and cried, I then sent prayers of love, healing and peace out to those families who were directly affected by this horrendous attack. Then, I took a deep breath, asked forgiveness of my own judgment of the situation, and sent prayers of peace, healing and love to the perpetrators. “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” And I sent blessings of love, peace and healing to the Dayton Community. I continue to send blessings of love, peace and healing to that situation.

    May all beings be at peace.

    Blessed Be,
    Sybil, drenched in tears.

  2. Dear Mama Red, I want to thank you for sharing your wonderful Loving Humanness! Your reaction was as most of us would react, however, your approach to the entire sad event, was at the highest level of Love and Kindness.

    I had all of the same feelings previously mentioned. I too walked around my house praying and asking for God’s guidance, “What is my part in all of this is to be”? I know I cannot do it all – only my part. However, we, each and every one of us is so very powerful, and knowing and understanding the Laws of the Universe gives us even more unseen power; to be used for the best for all concerned. I then remembered the importance of Focus and the energy, which feeds it, and also the law of Polarity; there is always the good along with the bad (as Jer mentioned) and it is up to each of us to choose. I also recalled the importance of always choosing from Love as apposed to Fear. Choosing from Fear will lead to additional fears from related thoughts and actions; From Love, more loving thoughts, actions etc. I then recalled the line from the Movie ‘What The Bleep’ when the young boy on the basketball court stated, “There are all these possibilities, until you choose”, he then went on to say, “It all depends on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go”. Because once you choose, your choice will determine the powerful energy of that choice! And the snowball effect begins.

    We are Loving and Feeling Human Beings, so we may at times react too soon, but it is always in our best interest to give ourselves time alone to feel our feelings and work through them, while gathering all the information to be digested, sorted, and then, and only then, to choose from Love. By looking within (The Kingdom Of God is within you) and knowing the answers are there, this is how we evolve. “There are limitless possibilities…..UNTIL YOU CHOOSE.

    From Love,

  3. I am sooooooo glad that commenters spoke to the act of forgiveness…for both sides of the equation. It is something I neglected to put in my post and that was an error on my part. Because I sincerely believe, along with the commenters, that forgiveness is needed and mustn’t exclude the perpetrators of horrible crimes. We can’t move forward into a world of peace and joy if we don’t.

    Forgiveness DOESN’T mean we condone heinous acts…it means we step into the space of Light and help heal the world.

    May we all step into acts of forgiveness…for ourselves, our families, our communities and the world.

    Love to all
    Jerilynne “MamaRed”

  4. “Will you join me?”
    Yes, I will. Why? To empower the positive thinking in this world.

    “Will you throw away the DVD if you get it?”
    No, I won’t and I will have a look on it and see what it is about. Why? Because only then I’m able to understand, form a view, and compare it with the view I got out of the attack and its victims.

    “Will you focus on kindness?”
    Yes I will cuz it’s a fantastic way to make sure what had happened won’t happen again. And I prefer that.

    “Say prayers?”
    Yes, my prayers are with those who had been attacked. My prayers are also with those who had done the attack. Why? Because it’s the only way love and forgivingness erase *all* pain and fear.

    No matter what you will say, I’m going to explore both viewpoints in order to understand both sides. Why? To get rid of judgment, prejudices and clichés at all, because when we start to look behind all labelling we can start from scratch to make this world a peaceful place to live. And may my open mind get enriched with the positive facets I find in all people and cultures. With this my hope is, an attack like in Dayton won’t happen again no matter at which place in this world.

    It’s absolutely not acceptable what had happened in Dayton nor do I support the DVD idea. However, I can not change the past and what happened.
    Call it ridiculous or not, my gift in this is the choice in it. The choice to comfort and forgive, to take action and put a word out, to understand and to learn from it and the past. Why? For a better world and a better future – label free!

    “Look to your own being and do all you know how to do to raise the Kindness Quotient?”
    I will, and may it raise high and beat all intercultural differences, anger and pain.

    And “just” to let you know, I’m human too and I tend to forget these things and many others too and learning “just” sucks sometimes (ask those who know me, grin). Nevertheless, this is a point of view and reminder for me…and those who like to choose how we see this world.


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