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Each Tear Has Its Sense

Some weeks ago a friend of mine took a train to get to his home. On the train ride he noticed a young woman some meters next to him. Her quiet sobbing made him pay attention on her. No matter that she was on a train and among complete strangers, she “just” had to cry. Obviously someone, or something, made her very sad and tears ran down her face. Meanwhile the train reached the next stop and the destination where my friend get off. However, before he left the train he went to the woman and handed her a tissue and a piece of paper. Even though he had to get off the train, within that moment he tried to comfort her, gave her a feeling she wasn’t alone and let her know it was ok to cry. After he left, the young woman read what was written on the paper “Each tear has its sense.”

Some weeks later, on a typical evening, my friend was having a beer at a bar. However, it turned out that evening would change everything. “Coincidently” he met the young lady from the train again, right there at the bar. It didn’t take much for them both to recognize each other and have now fallen in love.

It turns out she is from America and studying in over here in Germany, so we don’t know where their journey together will lead them. However, we know they met during a wonderful moment of kindness and compassion and not a “little” ocean can change that.

Silke, Munich, Germany