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Doggies Go Back Home

Twice this past year I helped lost doggies find their way home. One was rather quickly, a little white dog wandering on my street and I walked him up and down and then the owner came down the street in her car…so glad to see him and that someone was with him! I know I would have been had it been MY dog.

The other was more involved. I was on my way home late in the evening and it was very cold and snow was on the ground (quite a lot of it) and I saw two medium-sized dogs running down the street, a couple streets from mine. I was worried for them to be out like that. When I stopped the car and called to them, they ran right up and got in my car. I took them home and got them inside. One minded really well, the other fairly well. I put them in my basement over night and walked them the next morning, hoping the owner would see them like the other time. Up and down several streets near where I found them but no luck.

I asked the postman, thinking he might recognize them but no luck. So I took a photo of them and made a sign and posted it on many telephone poles in the neighborhood… not an easy task in the cold and snow! (dogs had no ID tag with a phone or address, though they did have collars). After two days I got a call from someone who’d seen the signs! A neighbor who lives two streets over was their owner. She was so glad to have them back safe and sound! I felt good about it and was glad the dogs got back to their home safe and sound. I was worried about it because sweet as they were I couldn’t keep them myself. Even though it was a bit of a hassle for me (I fed them and had to walk them while they were with me) I would want someone to do that for my pet if it was ever lost for some reason

… do unto others, as they say. It’s just the right thing to do.

Pam, Columbus, OH, USA

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  1. So glad you were kind enough to help them Pam.

    Anyone who is kind to animals is my hero!

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