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Dinner Guests Get a Treat

The other evening my wife and I stopped by a local Italian restaurant to share a meal. We specifically picked this restaurant because we had a “buy one, get one”. We were enjoying our meal when a family sat down nearby. This was a family with 3-4 kids and they didn’t appear to have a whole lot of extra money to spend on their dinner. They had brought some food with them and were discussing what they could get, and share, from the menu.

I realized these precious folks needed the coupon I had brought more than I did and that is when the idea formed in my heart…I’ll give the coupon to them! Since I figured they probably wouldn’t accept it if I walked over to their table and handed it to them, I chose a different route.

As we left the restaurant, I gave the coupon to our server and asked that she wait until we leave, then give the coupon to the family’s server and not share with them where it had come from. Our server agreed and we left the restaurant, feeling the open heartedness that I so love to feel.

I was reminded about how much kindness gives to the giver…always.