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Customer Service Pays Off

I just bought a vacuum, and the shop owner apologized that his attempted fix on my old machine did not work. He convinced me to buy the top of the line vacuum to replace it, instead of a belt-driven, ordinary machine. Since it was listed at $750.00, which I couldn’t bring myself to pay for a vacuum, he deducted $50.00, then deducted the cost of the repair job I had previously paid and we got to $599. I was still squeemish, so he came down to $549 and I said yes. The wonderful kindness was that not only did he sell me the machine of my dreams (it goes from carpet to floor automatically), but he took it out of the box and there on the floor he put it together for me. When he thought one part wasn’t tight enough, he replaced it. Then he threw in a box of 12 vacuum bags. I was one very happy customer, wheeling off my vacuum instead of carrying home a big box.

Sheryl Clarke, United States