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Chicago Citizens Have a Heart

Wow…this story yesterday reminded me how kind people really are, no matter what else is said.

I was bopping along on my way to pick up my son at work yesterday, half listening, half not listening, to the radio station. Suddenly I heard the DJ say “and they say people have no heart”. Well, given my beliefs about kindness and heart, my ears perked up immediately.

Last week, someone stole a custom motorized wheelchair and van from a family whose 6 year old son has cerebral palsy. Now that sucks and it definitely doesn’t fit with my definition of kindness! What is so amazing is to see what this nasty event has brought up for the citizens of Chicago…offers of replacement wheelchairs, donations to help buy a new one ($3000 have been raised!), and the custom wheelchair manufacturer providing a temporary replacement immediately so this precious soul can get to school.

WOW…how amazing people are…and I think my 21 year old son said it best when I told him about the story. “Mom, people have big hearts when they’re given a chance.” Amen!

To read a story with heart or make a donation, click here.

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