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Chef Ivo’s Customer Service Rocks

I recently celebrated my first anniversary in Galena, Illinois…a beautiful, quaint late 1800s themed town. As my husband and I were browsing the shops, I found one with one of my childhood favorites…pumpkin butter. Ummmmmmmmmmm! So yummy, and the recipe at Galena Canning Company was chock full of delicious flavors (lots of spices, just like I like it!). Not only that, the owner (Chef Ivo) had an amazing array of different sauces, jams, and other goodies…all with samples so you could make sure you liked what you bought!

I bought a couple of jars and tucked them into my bag to enjoy when we got home.

I was disappointed to find a problem with the jars when I returned home…however, I didn’t need to worry. I sent an email to the link on the website ( asking about the problem…and, almost immediately, got a telephone call from Chef Ivo, the owner of the company.

He was a charming man who has been in business for 16 years and has done so by maintaining an amazing relationship with his customers. He promptly offered me replacements…how kewl is that!

If you’re looking for amazing hot sauces, yummy pumpkin butter, jams, and all sorts of other goodies to spice up your life, check out his website!

Thanks, Chef Ivo, for keeping up an amazing tradition of good old fashioned Midwest hospitality!

Love and light, hugs and blessings