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Change of Policy Brings Another Kindness

I purchased some books on creating websites and coding HTML. Something I seriously DO NOT want to do. I know there are lots of folks who love doing those tasks. As for me, I get SOOOOO frustrated when it takes me forever to create a simple bulleted list. ARGHGHGH!

I “knew” I had 30 days to make good on my promise to learn HTML and I didn’t do it. I simply couldn’t bring myself to open the books, at all. So I decided to take them back on the 29th day. It was simply irresponsible to spend $80 on books that reminded me I *should* be doing the learning and I didn’t *want* to do the learning.

When I took them back, the manager said “oh goodness, Barnes and Noble has changed their policy and it is now 14 days instead of 30”. I didn’t even look at the receipt…I assumed (dangerous, I know).

He looked at the receipt, looked at me, and asked for my card. Generously returning the book against the standard policy and giving me a great kindness, a budget booster, AND a reduced guiltload all with one swipe of the card!

When I told him I was going to share this story on my website, he gave me the story about the woman who was honest enough to admit she hadn’t been charged the right amount for her purchase.

Talk about ripples of kindness…I spent the day finding ways to share kindness with others. And it was sooooooooo fun!

Love and light, hugs and blessings