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Caring for an injured dog

One day when I was returning home from school, I saw a dog outside my home’s door. It was black and big.

When I went closer to it I realized that it had an injury and that it was probably hit by a car. Also, I was amazed of the fact that it had a leash on it. Maybe its owner told him to go away. And it was so beautiful.

Immediately I told my parents about it. We decided to give it food. We hoped that its owner would find us to give it to him. Day after day I was playing with it more and more. Inside of me I hoped that is owner wouldn’t find it.

But one day I saw a man talking to it and I asked my mum about it and she told me that it was its owner. I was very sad when I heard it.

Catherine Zgouras’ English School
Patras, Greece