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Amazing Woman Defines Kindness

In December 2007 I met a wonderful woman at a conference in Los Angeles. I was starting up a new motivational speaking career (my big dream) and decided to actually get some training. A few months later this wonderful woman suggested a group of us get together as part of a mastermind group and help each other skyrocket our passions and our dreams.

Fast forward to this week. I received several calls from this Amazing. I had shut down my computer and was in the process of moving my adult son from Indianapolis, Indiana to Chicago, Illinois to live with me while he develops his passion for designing cars. I also had my phone on mute and wasn’t paying attention to calls…I was paying attention to the typical fun tasks associated with moving…EEK.

When I returned I got an email expressing her concern: was I OK?

I returned her call to find she had had a disturbing dream and was very concerned when I didn’t return her calls, wanting to make sure all was well. We talked about what was going on and it turns out her dream came to her when I was having a very tough time with some personal issues.

What an awesome act of kindness for her to pay attention to the message she got and to be persistent enough to make sure I was OK. I’m sooooooooooo blessed by the love and caring of this Amazing and all the Amazings who surround me during this phase of my life. I can’t remember a time when I have had so many people care so much!

Kindness ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and light, hugs and blessings