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A Simple “Ask” and Help with the Dishes

You know what, when you start focusing on kindness, you really do start seeing it in a lot more places! For example, I decided to make a nice lunch for my hubby and youngest son (21) who lives with us. As is is my norm, I’ve got lots of dishes and utensils and stuff laying out all of the kitchen and I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get the nummy “breakfast type” lunch to come together at the same time.

Hubby and son are in other rooms doing their thing. Suddenly, my hubbie says “can I do anything to help?”. Wow, how kewl! And even tho’ I had things pretty much under control (although it may not have looked it!), the very fact he noticed and asked was so kewl…

Both of them helped with the cleanup and it only took a few minutes to eliminate any evidence of what was a truly yummy breakfast.

See…kindness can be as simple as an ask and a helping hand!