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A Raggedy Card Makes a HUGE Difference

I was handed a beat up old card from a friend of mine. My
initial reaction was to toss this raggedy, rectangular piece of
cardboard. But as I began to joke about it I saw a serious look in my
friends face so I held off.

She the card was to be giving to someone that made a big difference
in their life. She continues to tell me why she decided to give the
card to me and how grateful she was to have me as a friend. I was
blown away.

She then instructed me to give the card to someone that affected my
life for the positive. When I gave the card to a close friend I could
see he had the same initial reaction as me. And it obviously touched
him as well.

It made me reflect that a raggedy card with a few kind words can
completely change your day. It’s been about a week since I received
my card and I still feel on a high. How can such a simple act of
kindness have such an effect on me? I’m not sure but I know I like
the feeling. And I do plan on expressing my gratitude in a sincere
heartfelt way more often.

Vince Shorb, California, United States
National Youth Financial Educators Council