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A little help with groceries

Today, while in one of the notoriously long lines in Wal*Mart, I was behind a man waiting for an elderly woman in front of him to unload her shopping cart and get a move on as he kept mumbling. She gets almost done and is $3.18 short to pay for her groceries. She gets really flustered trying to decide what to leave behind. Poor dear didn’t have very much to begin with. The man openly grumbled and swore so anyone could hear him. Finally I saud please move aside sir, he gave me a dirty look and stood his ground, so I said to the check out clerk, “here is a five, take out whatever she needs.” Everyone behgind me was now smiling but not the grump in front, he just growled and shoved past the poor woman as he paid for his bottle of guess what??? Yep, booze!!! Maybe he had the shakes. I helped the woman whose name was Betty outside but learned she took the bus and thats why she could only buy a few things at a time. So, I took her to Dennys for lunch and then to her home. I offered to pick her up every week and take her shopping with me… I now have a new friend.

Charleen (Chatty) Micheles, USA

3 thoughts on “A little help with groceries

  1. Wow, that is power, heart and courage in action!
    I’ll keep you in mind when a situation shows up.
    Thank you!


  2. This little lady has now become a real friend and I see her weekly. She is all alone, her son was killed in Irac awhile ago, keeping us all safe… One never knows who, or when, God will sends someone special into our life. Thanks for the reply Silke.

  3. What a gift you are Ms. Chatty!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing.

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