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A Dose of Kindness and Novacaine

After spending one too many nights awake and agonizing over a toothache, I reluctantly made the trip to my dentist’s office. To my dismay, I was informed that a root canal was in order. My dentist’s office did not perform root canals, so I was given the number for several local endodontists. Apparently root canals were “in season…because nobody was available until at least one month
later. I made my distant appointment and decided to wait it out.

Two days later (and two very long nights), I took my daughter back to the dentist’s office for a routine cleaning. I told the Office Manager about the terrible pain that I was still in, and the difficulty I was having finding someone to put an end to it.

The Office Manager (my super hero) immediately left her desk and found a dentist that could perform my root canal for me at that very moment. He had performed root canals in the past, but the office had made a business decision not to do so any longer. In my case, they made an exception.

Not only did they bring me out of the pain I was in, but I had my toddler with me that day and nobody was available to watch him. The Office Manager took him into her office and entertained him for the
two hours that it took to complete my root canal.

Now that is exceptional service!

Anonymous. Florida, United States