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$25 Saves the Day

I am building a house and had sheetrock delivered. Prior to the delivery, my husband had spent many hours aligning the light fitures so he asked the two men to please set the sheetrock down gently as not to displace his hard work. My husband leaves and the two men spend 2 hours placing the sheetrock gently throughout the house. At my husband’s request, when they were done I thanked them verbally and with a small amout of cash. Before they departed one of the men came to tell me this story about how his grandmother always told him “the Lord works in mysterious ways” and how he believes it to be true. It seems that he needed to pay $124 at the end of this day when he picked up his child from daycare. He was concerned about how the daycare worker would feel receiving only part of the payment. You see he only had $100…..until he received our thanks of $25. The way in which he explained all this brought tear s to my eyes. He was at peace knowing he could pay his bill and I was blessed to be witness to what had just happened.

Beth Craig, United States