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A Kind Neighbor

I wanted to leave the Bay Area and go to my family’s home in Lake Tahoe, NV for a few days. I called a neighbor to ask about the snow levels in front of the house and learned that there was a two feet berm of snow and ice blocking the driveway. We never visit the house during the winter and have no snow removal equipment, so I asked another neighbor if I could melt it with hot water and shovel the snow.

To my pleasant surprise, he called back a few hours later, and said he took care of the berm and could come up to the house. When I saw him in front of the house, he said he had shoveled the snow, and I would have made a huge mess if I had used hot water on that berm.

Needless to say, it was indeed a blessing to have his assistance.

Suzanne, Lake Tahoe, USA