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2 thoughts on “Deposit Your Moments

  1. While visiting my son in TN, my husband and I went to a diner to eat. They had a buffet for lunch with southern fried pork chops and turnip greens, neither of which I had ever tasted, so I decided to try my luck. I should preface this by saying I am a bit older, a lot bigger than most, and I am on oxygen 24 hrs/day, so getting around can be a bit difficult for me. When the waitress took my order, she said, “Just let me know what you want and I’ll dip your plate for you.”

    Again, an important preface – usually when we go into a restaurant the person seating us invariably takes us to the furthest place from the door and walks much faster than I can keep up with, so by the time I get to the table I’m out of breath. People just don’t seem to THINK, or make connections about what they’re seeing – or they don’t care. I think it’s just that lots of people just don’t think.

    So imagine my surprise when this delightful young woman, very matter-of-factly says she’ll “dip” my plate for me. It didn’t seem like she thought she was doing anything special, but it was such a kindness to me.

    Of course I tipped her well. But more importantly for me, I went over to her and thanked her personally and told her she is one of the best waitresses I have ever had the privilege to be served by. I’m usually pretty reticent to talk to people, but since I’ve become more aware of bringing more kindness into the world, I push myself to acknowledge another’s kindness.

  2. Oh Marianne, that is such an awesome story and share. I know what you me about it being something so extra special! I’m so glad you’re playing the “Bring more kindness game” and I’ll hold a picture of you continuing to have such amazing experiences!

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