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Helping others helps all

As humans I believe that we need each other’s help. We all are vulnerable and have asked for help the least for one time in our whole lives. For that reason I feel a little bit like we MUST help others who need it. But it’s also a matter of happy thoughts and the feeling of doing good things, of knowing that you deserve something in your life because you do take good actions.

Personally I am happy with myself! I don’t think that I have ever dissapointed someone or didn’t do a favour to someone who asked me. I really believe that. And that’s why someone made me think positive and never behave badly. And I have persuaded myself that only by giving good I will get it back! How will I succeed in my exams, meet the person I want and make all my dreams come true if I only smile once a week?!

For that reason–the need to be a positive person,a magnet of happy things–I try to help anyone who needs it. The most recent event I remember is the way I helped my best friend with a problem. She is now sitting for her Lower exam but one week ago her teacher had an accident and as a result they lost four lessons. Her willingness to pass her exam made her feel awful about the lost time. As I love English, I knew I could help her. So,even though I had to study for a history test, I went to her house and we reviewed almost everything!

It was a little tiring for me but I was so happy to feel that she wasn’t anxious! We did that many times and she thanked me again and again! Now they returned to their lessons and her teacher was amazed!!! She didn’t expect my friend to have studied or try to learn anything she hadn’t understood during that ‘blank’ week.

Me? I’m extremely happy for that!

This may seem nothing to someone but I believe that I helped my friend. Of course,there are a lots of things someone can do to feel that he helps the people he loves or even those he doesn’t know. It’s not difficult to show the good side or yourself!

Just try to smile!

Promise yourself that every day from now on will be a sunny one, 24hours a day. You can save your soul and make someone else happy. And believe me…it’s not at all difficult!

Love yourself and bear in mind that all good things come to you when you do something so as to deserve them..

Adriana D.
Catherine Zgouras’ English School
Patras, Greece