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Acting even when scared

Have you ever thought about the good acts you have done? Probably not. Neither have I. But one day I fell down and a woman helped me. When I went home I sat down and thought about the good acts that I have done.

I probably haven’t done something important but the good act that I will remember all my life is that I helped a person. One day I was going to my English course. Suddenly a woman in a car hit a man on a moped. The man fell down and his feet were bleeding. I was so terrified and I didn’t know what to do. “Call the police and an ambulance” the man said. I called them. Then I approached the man and I tied his foot with a cloth.

That was amazing. The best experience ever!

Anastosia N.
Catherine Zgouras’ English School

Editor’s Note: Sweet Anastosia…I most certainly consider this a very important act of kindness and am certain the man you helped would agree! Blessings to you.
Patras, Greece